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Confused 100%

Publicerat klockan 23:56, den 22 augusti 2011

I felt happy yesterday yes, and kinda still do. But still, it feels like this is going to disapear and I will regret it later. Why do I always do and feel this. Will I ever be acting.. normal?. Will I ever stop being ashamed of being myself, will I ever be able to.. tell people what I actually think sometimes? God, I want it. And at the same time I tell myself I won't have it. Says who?

I need to try a little.. but I feel so stupid. Why the hell do I feel stupid? God I never have faith in myself what so ever, where do I get it? How will I get it?. Can I get it?. Give it to me? I watch a movie that's sad and cry a bit, might help me feel better (sadly..haha)