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Gackt - Stockholm

Publicerat klockan 10:34, den 15 augusti 2011

It's easier if I make this post all in english ( she actually don't have the streinght to do it in 2 langauges, oh poor woman). Anyways, I wanted to share my opinion on Gackt, which I saw live in Stockholm last week, tuesday.  I will begin by saying I've listen to Gackt since I was 12-13, somewhere around there. And when my friend told me he was coming to Sweden, I flipped and said we HAD to go. So we did. And did I get satisfied or what?. That awsome man, that incredible awsome japanese man, haha. He was amazing. He moved like I imagined and like he does in his videos, his voice is incredible after 15 years in the business and kinda getting older, still same. It was awsome.

He sang alot of songs from YFC (Yellow Fried Chicken album, don't ask, he's wierd yes...) And gosh I loved every minute. In concerts I always stand far in the back and just enjoy the music, I never stand in the middle jumping, I don't enjoy the music then, I only need to concentrate on the jumping?

Anyways, I enjoyed every little tone of his voice, and the only time I actually started to dance, was when he made the song Vanilla for us ( the one that made him famous). It's SO long ago that song came, the 90's?`When I didn't know who he was. And he started to dance the dance in the video, and everyone else too, gosh, it was SO lovely. I'm more than satisfied. He's awsome. You should listen to him if your'e into Japanese Music.

And yes, he had plastic surgery, and I've SEEN THAT FACE IRL<3<3 (whaaaaa...t?)


Here you have the Vanilla video, the rest you can check up on your own. These days he's music kinda different, this is like 10 years ago, so..yeah. 



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